The Cogitative me

Its never too late to do anything that you wanted to do

I had this urge to blog from a long time and to write my heart and mind out to the world and more importantly to myself. I pursue this part-time career of mine as a blogger as a part of self-development, to improve my writing skills and vocabulary.

The fact that I would record my ruminations, day-to-day events and one fine day, having to go back in time and cherishing all these sweet/bitter memories intrigues me.

This is not the first time that I have started a blog . Many a times I would start, write a post or two and forget it off later. But I hope it will not be the case this time as a lot has changed since then in terms of my outlook towards life and  maturity levels.

I thank priya(you can check out her blog here) for being my inspiration to start this weblog. I had been reading her blog since my PUC days which was about two years ago. I always loved to read her blog mainly because I could relate to her college experiences that she shared. But lately, I hadn’t visited her page. Today, I randomly checked her page and found that she has been pursuing higher studies at a foreign country and had migrated to a new blog where she writes more of her technical life. I wish her all the best in life.

I really hope that I can update this blog regularly at least once or twice in a week. The enthusiasm is very high as of now but I hope it doesn’t fade away with time.